TGMC Healing Garden

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria | 0.6 Acres

Instructor: Chanam Lee

Team Work: District Master Plan

Individual Work: Healing Garden Design

Academic work | Healing Landscape | Fall 2013


The master plan of the Thompson & Grace Medical City is a self-contained mixed-use community anchored by a world-class teaching hospital on a 100-acre property in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. It mainly consists of a medical district, a commercial district and a residential district. The proposed design for the medical district is mainly made up of a hospital, a research academy, student dormitories and a power plant.


As for individual design, I took charge of healing garden based on my interests. The healing garden locates in the center of the hospital and corresponds to the central plaza of the academy area. Considering the users' need, it promotes patients' health and makes staffs satisfied. The healing garden is designed to evoke an atmosphere of peace, healing and meditation through incorporating positive distractions and multi-sensory experience.