Chuxiong, China | 1,178 Acres

Instructor: Dr.Changshan Huang

Team: Di Yang(Team Leader), Chenqu Fu, Chenni Zhu, Danning Liu, Kendall Raabe

Team Work: Background Analysis, Design Programming, Master Plan

Individual Work: Zen Culture Garden 

Academic work | Culturally Sensitive Design | Spring 2015
2016 Texas ASLA Student Design Merit Award


The Chuxiong Nature Wellness Resort aims to attract tourists and Chuxiong citizens by providing wedding and honeymoon services, a variety of housing, and resorts that promote a healthy lifestyle. The master plan was designed to respect the cultural heritage of the local Yi people, increase employment opportunities for the Yi people, and preserve the site’s agricultural aspects. 

The site’s landscape is comprised of mountains, rivers, fields, and gardens and is found in the master plan’s three districts: the Wedding Industrial District, the Wellness Recreation District, and the Rural Life Experience District.