Nan Bu Ting Historic Block 

Nanjing, China | 41.5 Acres

Instructor: Lan Li

Team: Di Yang, Qiuling Chen,

Shaoyang Hou, Huimin Wang

Academic work | Preservation Plan | Fall 2012


The preservation plan of Nan Bu Ting historic block is made up by the following seven parts:


  1. Introduction to the site

  2. Investigation of the current situation 

  3. Current situation analysis

  4. Overall Planning

  5. Renovation of roads and alleys

  6. Courtyard remould

  7. Design of landscape nodes


The preservation plan is made based on the existing City Plan of Nanjing and Preservation Plan of Nanjing Historic City which all indicate the site as the most important historic block of Nanjing. We followed the instruction of overall planning, evaluated and analyzed the tangible cultural heritage, made the plan and detail design for the whole block and key historic alleys and courtyards.