T&G Medical City Phase II

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria | 174 Acres

Client: Thompson and Grace Investments

Team: HKS and Texas A&M Center for Health Systems & Design

Team Work: Research, Case Study, Site Inventory, Concept Development

Individual Work: Master Plan, Rendering, Analysis, Documentation,

Animation Rendering

Professional work | Healthy Community | Winter 2014



The mission of the Thompson & Grace Medical City - Phase II master planning is consistent with the mission of its Phase I. The Phase I master planning was to propose a self-contained mixed-use community anchored by a world-class teaching hospital on a 100-acre property in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. The plan proposed optimal spatial arrangements of diverse land uses including a mixed-use urban centre, a hotel/resort, diverse residential communities, an entertainment centre, an elementary school, and an industrial park. 

The Phase II master plan aims to propose a vibrant mixed-use urban community and a utility district on a 174-acre property immediately north of Phase I. The Phase II community is developed around a central green common that serves multiple functions as a social and recreational centre of the entire Medical City. The Phase II master plan proposes to include a utility district containing a power plant, a data centre, water treatment facilities, a recycling and waste transfer station, labs, and pharmaceutical processing facilities; and a mixed-use urban community containing a pedestrian mall with retails and housing, an agricultural research and education center, diverse housing clusters, and various types of parks and recreational facilities. 

The Medical City is supported by a multimodal transportation system and extensive green infrastructure and is designed to respect and respond to the local history, culture, and landscape.


The master plan is developed under the three main overarching guiding principles:
(1) healthy living for all - PEOPLE
(2) sustainable and low-impact development - ENVIRONMENT
(3) economic and cultural development - ECONOMY


It is planned and designed to meet the full range of healthcare needs, including curative and preventive cares, of those residing and working in the Medical City as well as those visiting the Medical City for medical/health tourism and other purposes. The long-term goal of the Thompson & Grace Medical City is to serve as a model for future healthcare development in Africa and beyond for people to LIVE, WORK, PLAY, and LEARN in a health-promoting environment.