Nakuru, Kenya | 4,330 Acres

Client: Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation Centers of Africa(UBRICA)

Team: Di Yang, Tianchi Shen, Sinan Zhong, Sungmin Lee

Team Work: Research, Case Study, Site Inventory,  Master Plan

Individual Work: Urban Center District Master Planning & Detailed Design

Academic work | Biomedical Industrial City | Winter 2015

The master planning of the UBRICA ONE is to propose a self-sustaining biomedical industrial city which will include:

1. Medical Campus with five modern academic specialty medical centers
2. Research Districtwithcenters for advanced science in biomedicine and biomedical translation          and innovation
3. Residential Community with diverse and mixed housing and all necessary services and retails
4. Industrial Park for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing
5. Recreational District with extensive green infrastructure, tourism destination and sport complex


UBRICA ONE is planned and designed to meet the full range of healthcare needs, including curative and preventive cares, of those residing and working in the Medical City as well as those visiting the Medical City for medical tourism and other purposes. To promote a self-sustaining One Health Community in Kenya, UBRICA One recognizes the interrelationships among human, animal, environment and economy. The master plan of the City will be developed under the four main overarching guiding principles: 

1.Healthy living for all – HUMAN
2. Biological diversity and ecological integrity – ANIMAL
3. Sustainable and low-impact development – ENVIRONMENT
4. Economic and cultural development – ECONOMY